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Part of the 1.5 over Soccer Betting System by GoalBetting

GoalBetting System 1.5 over

Playing the GoalBetting soccer betting system is great for betting in live play.Watching the odds go up as the game progresses within 90 minutes of play.Waiting  for the right time and knowing when to place your bets.The winnings are small but if you play two teams a night,over a month you could be making a good amount of profit.If you have your two teams that you think should score at least Two goals or more in a match.

So let us start off by placing our bets playing 1.5 over ,which means placing a bet on two goals on 1.5 over bet.Here is how the 1.5 over soccer system works.Whatever football betting site you choose or use,make sure they have in live play betting 1.5 over as we need to place our bets at the right time.NOTE ,This System works on 0.5 over - 1.5 over and 2.5 over as well.

1. Once the match has started,the team should be drawing xxx as the game progresses,wait for xxxxx of play and place a xxx bet on xx xx xx. Remember it should still be drawing xxx so make sure there are no goals before placing your bet.If there is an early Goal before the xxxxx of play,you can bet on xxxxx or wait for the next match or even play it safe and bet at kick-off.

2. Once your bet has been placed,sit back relax and wait for the goals.You have xxxxx of first half play and xxxxx in the second half for any team to score at least two goals or more to have a winning bet.If there is a goal in the first half from any team,we are in with a winning chance in the second half of the match,as the game will open up after a goal is scored.There is either a chance of a draw or a 2-0 once the second half starts.

3. If  the team is still drawing 0-0 by half time,wait until between xxx of play,if there is a goal before that time,wait for the match to end to see if you have a winning bet.If the game gets to xxxxx of play and the match is still at 0-0,place a xxxx bet on the same matches,but this time on a xxxxx bet,which means there must be at least one goal or more by any team to have a winning bet.So in other words if there are no goals in any of the matches ,then wait for xxxxx and then place your bet on xxx . If there is a late goal then you have won a double and you have a winning bet and have made a profit.Or you get half your money back or better wait for the next matches.

4. If you lose the bet,the next evening choose another match and play the same system,but this time place a xxxxx bet on a  xxxxx at xxxxx of play.Sooner or later you will start seeing goals and once you have a winning bet you have made a profit.if you still losing,xxxxx one more time in the second half at xxx on a xxx. Once you have a win do not xxxxx again,stick to the rules and be patient,wait for the right odds with the right team at the right time.

5. Start again at xxx  a bet and keep using the same safe soccer betting system.Look out for my soccer betting tips and predictions.Remember to play safe,play what you budget on and enjoy the game.

Playing on formation system 

Another soccer betting system you can play if you like to play on goals being scored,is choosing soccer teams that play a 4-3-3 formation system.A 4-3-3 formation means the teams plays with 4 defenders ,3 midfielders and 3 strikers.Now the reason i place my soccer bets on a 4-3-3 formation,as you can see the team is playing with 3 strikers upfront,which means there should be goals during 90 minutes of play normally.

So if you enjoy playing 1.5 over or even 2.5 over this is a good time to study the formation of the teams including the opposition to see what line up they are starting off with.If they both begin using the same formation then again you might be able to get some goal during the game and remember any goal counts no matter who wins.

If you prefer playing a winning team a night or maybe even two,I normally look at the 4-5-1 formation of the teams.A 4-5-1 formation means 4 defenders ,5 midfielders and one striker. But sometimes a team will start off with a 4-5-1 formation but with some slight changes can become a 4-3-3 depending which players are on the field.Strong defense very strong midfield ,3 strikers upfront.

Study the teams and who they up against,once you perfect the art of winning,you will begin making profit.Play safe and as always make it a sports investment and enjoy your teams win.

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