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Sunday, June 22, 2014

1.5 over Soccer Betting Odds Live Bets

Choosing the right 1.5 over Soccer betting Odds when betting live or In play bets is what we need to find to have a winning bet.At GoalBetting we offer a Soccer Betting System which you can buy for only 10 EUR and receive free 1.5 over tips for one month as well as free extra weekend tips on your soccer picks.Here is what you need to know when betting on 1.5 over.

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1. Choose a Soccer Match
2. Place your 1.5 over bet at a Given Time
3. And that is it

If the Match is still on a 0 - 0 draw at half time

1. Place your second bet at a given time
2. Wait for the Goal
3. Choose your next Match and place your next 1.5 over bet

It is as simple as that , either you can choose your own matches if you prefer betting on your own football matches or you can follow us right here at GoalBetting and bet on our top Soccer Picks of the Day.What GoalBetting Offers.

1. Your own 1 Month Membership Page
2. With the GoalBetting 1.5 over Soccer Betting System
3. All your Soccer tips and picks for the Month
4. Soccer Picks updated often
5. Free extra tips on losses including free Weekend tips.

Feel free to email us for more information before you choose to purchase our Soccer Tips or our 1.5 over Soccer Betting System.

Our GoalBetting System is very easy and simple, it is only One full Page and you will be betting live online in 30 minutes.

Read the Three Golden Rules of Soccer Betting before you place your first bet and make sure to stick to the rules as always.Make it a Passion and fun Sports investment and rather enjoy your Soccer Matches as you watch your teams score Goals.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Top 1.5 over Soccer tips and bets of the day

At GoalBetting we would like to explain on how the 1.5 over Soccer betting system works.

Top Tips and Bets of the Day
Football betting strategies and Soccer betting systems on how you can bet live or In play bets on the bet site of your choice on 1.5 over odds betting on one or even two matches a night and enjoy goals being scored.
You can decide if you want to bet one single match at a given time and placing a 2nd bet to win half your money back when a match is still drawing at 0-0 or you can bet on a double and wait for the next bet if you at a loss.
Rather enjoy betting as a fun sports investment to win 20 to 30 percent profit rather than to try doubling your money and lose.Be patient at all times and wait for a match you think will or should score at least two goals.

Or if you prefer you can buy 1.5 over top picks and bets of the day with a free 1.5 over Soccer Betting System if you purchase Soccer tip for one month for only 10 EUR. Or you can purchase the GoalBetting Soccer System for 10 EUR and choice your own Soccer Picks.

1. Buy the GoalBetting Soccer System for only 10 EUR or Buy 1 Month 1.5 over Soccer Picks.

 Place your 1.5 over bet

3. Wait for the Goals to come in.

4. At a Given TIME
 Place your 2nd bet

5. Or you can bet from Kick-off with Single  or Double Bets

We are always looking to find the best and top 1.5 over Soccer Picks and Bets of the Day here at GoalBetting.

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