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Soccer Betting System 0.5 over Goals In Play

Betting on soccer can be fun when you find the right soccer betting or football system which allows you to make money on sports betting even when you lose.A soccer betting system with low risk or minimum safe strategy betting.

In other words using a soccer betting system that you can profit on,from various bets such as Asian betting ,betting on goals scored (1.5 over) to 0.5 over or even 2.5 over goals.Some enjoy playing both teams to score within 90 minutes play.

But i am using a football system which you can play any team or any league around the world.

Soccer in play betting is not as easy as it looks when placing a bet on your favourite team to win.Often we choose a team and hope for a win with a bit of luck but how much money have we lost doing a one team betting strategy betting system.

What would be the best and safe strategy betting with minimum low risk betting to make money ? Well if you want to make large amounts then you might be willing to risk high by making quick money,but this might not be the best way to bet in my opinion.

A safe soccer betting strategy i use is betting at low risk and making a bit of cash at a time ,as playing online you can play the teams of your choice.You can choose any team to play waiting for the right odds at the right time and so on.

Best Betting Soccer Strategy

I choose one team that is playing at home from the start for example, A.C Milan vs Lazio and the odds are as follows Milan to win playing at home the odds given are starting at 1.50 or lower while Lazio would be at about 4.00 or higher to win.

I know that A.C Milan is the favourite team to win so what i bet as a soccer betting strategy system would be playing Goals over 1.5 over. Playing over 1.5 means that throughout the game there must be at least two goals in the game to have a winning bet .

Normally the odds given at kick off would be about 1.20 over ,which means you would make 20 percent profit but if you think of it carefully you will not make that at the bank in a month with interest.

So i have chosen Milan or Lazio to at least score two goals or more in the game to win my bet .If i win i wait for the next team with the right odds and place my next bet playing safe and i budget what i can afford to play.In one night i need at least 4 to 5 winners to make a bit of profit.

Remember to play only when you have the right odds and play safe and be patient and by doing so i would rather win a little at a time and win my bets.

Soccer is becoming a fast growing online sports investment and is growing day by day .You can invest in soccer without risking high and still enjoy the game.Normally we play a winning team and wait for 90 minutes play to see if we have a winning bet .Often we find that the odds are not high so we place bets on teams we think will win but find that we end up losing.

How many of us are winning playing a one team betting strategy system ? why not play teams to score goals over 90 minutes play or teams to score goals in each half? You can bet on a one team over 1.5 goals or a double on teams over 1.5 over to score goals.

There is no need to to try and win your money back if you lose a bet ,how many teams will not score goals in a soccer match ? If you have patience and stick to the rules you can make up to $100 to $200 per day ,which in a month you can make quite a bit of profit in sports betting.Do NOT gamble but enjoy the game like a sports investment and you may see your earnings grow.

How to bet and win with a soccer betting system or a strategy technique to play safe soccer betting.The soccer betting strategy system over 0.5 goals scored is that any team has to score at least one goal before the end of the first half to have a winning bet.You can play 0.5 over throughout the whole game but the odds are so low it wont pay to play it.

How It Works

Choose two teams that are starting to play in live soccer betting.

The odds at kick-off will start at about 1.50 over 0.5.Once you have chosen your two teams you will see the odds go up as the game progresses.

Sometimes you will find that there is an early goal in the game,this normally will happen from time to time as teams can get caught out before they settle into the game so you might get another goal before the end of halftime.

Now lets assume there have been no goals in the game so far and your teams are in play.You will see as the teams are going into 20 to 25 minutes of play the odds will go up to around 2.00 .This is where i will start placing my bets as follows.


Manchester United vs Bolton Bet 0.5 over First Half Goals $50 at 2.00

Milan vs Lazio Bet 0.5 over First Half Goals $50 at 2.00

In Play Soccer Betting Strategy System For Goals over 0.5

Now as we all know there are no guarantees in soccer but you will get a 70% to 80% strike rate when you playing for a first half goal.

When your bets have been placed ,you still have between 20 to 25 minutes of game play left for a goal to be scored by halftime.

This is where the two team strategy system comes into play , i choose two teams so my one bet will cover the other.How many teams will draw 0-0 at halftime?

Which means if i get one winnig bet i have caught my money back.If i win both bets,then i have doubled my money and i have made 100% profit.

But be sure to budget what you can afford and keep to the rules of the system .The rules are simple ,be patient watch the timing do not get greedy and remember the most important rule which is Do Not gamble but rather play for fun and make it a sports investment.

If you do not win any of your bets initially,do not panic sooner or later the system will kick in. try this out and you will see results.

Rather win a little at a time and make a profit than play big and lose.

Another safe soccer betting technique would be to study the statistics of the football teams of how they go into form or if they play better away than at home,but what counts is on the day of play .

When a soccer team is in form you are sure to see results and start winning.Wait for the odds to go up in your favour and you will enjoy your favourite team scoring goals.Welcome to the world of sports investment of soccer and have fun doing it.

Other Soccer betting Strategies

There are many soccer betting strategies you can put to action but another one put in good use is playing both teams to score.On this betting in play action i would rather play leagues i am used to, like the English premier league,The Italian Serie A or The Spanish La Liga etc.

Both teams to score means that in 90 minutes of play both teams have to score a goal for a winning bet.This is a little more difficult than playing 1.5 goals over but if you know the teams you should see results.I normally play teams that know how to score for example, Manchester United ,A.C Milan ,Real Madrid or Barcelona.

When deciding on which teams to play you normally given good odds if starting at kick-off but you can still play if one team has scored a goal already.Remember the later you play in the game the higher the odds.

Playing 2.5 over goals strategy betting

Another one of my favourite soccer betting system is playing in live play 2.5 over goals.This is where you need to get three goals in a game to have a winning bet.

This is where i play strong teams in the league or even teams that know how to score using the same strategy as 0.5 over or 1.5 over goals only this time i play the full 90 minutes.

I wait for my odds to reach about 2.00 or just under before placing my bet making sure i have enough game time to get my three goals.

This is a great system i use as i can either play it from the beginning or towards 15 minutes into play,and i can enjoy the whole game.

The great thing with this system is you can use it for freindlies as well as cup games as there are normally goals in the game.

Sometimes you will find you have won the bet by first half and can get onto the next match, And sometimes you will find there are no goals in the first half but the games often change in the second half of the game.

One Team Strategy Betting System

If you prefer to play a one team betting strategy system instead,then my best bet would be to study a team when it comes into form and its statistics.Some teams play better at home and some teams play better away as they do not feel that they have much to lose.Playing online betting you can place your bets on any team around the world as you can play live.

If you feel that your team should win the game within 90 minutes of play,and they are down 1-0.You can still bet your team to win the game.A lot of games are won in the last minutes of play and the odds are very good if you bet late during the game.

Follow the leagues you know well and follow teams you know will score goals.Leagues like the English premier the Spanish la liga and the Italian serie A top teams such as Real Madrid , Barcelona , A.C. Milan , Inter Milan and Manchester United.

If you playing league games study the forms of players and soccer teams,stay away from friendlies.Watch out for Champions league and cup games as certain teams have qualified their rounds already and are not playing for a win.

Once you have chosen your team for a win,if you lose your first bet you can always double up on your second bet and play the next best team .

You can choose to play a double win bet and place two teams for a win or a triple,and this would give you better odds but gets more interesting and harder the more teams you play.

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